The Honeymoon Planning CheckList

“Do not judge a book by its cover”, is the most suitable quote that describes honeymoon at its best. Though honeymoon is a cute little nine letter word that carries a lot of excitement, the process turns out to be so stressful that one cannot help but seek honeymoon planning tips from every possible source.

Hence, for the love birds who’ve just got married and are looking forward to their honeymoon, we’ve prepared an all-in-one honeymoon planning checklist that includes useful honeymoon planning tips and travel hacks. It will not only make your most awaited international honeymoon tour an hassle-free experience but will also enable you to follow a set time frame.

Grab a pen and start ticking off!

Set a time frame for yourself so that everything falls into place at the right time. For example, few things like booking a flight and a hotel, need to be taken care of months ago while you can start packing and making a mental checklist a month ago

Usually people love to capture all the memories of their honeymoon and once they’re back, they are loaded with tips and hacks based on their first hand experience. Hence, catch up on your reading and look out for travelogues of people who have just come back from a honeymoon which is similar to the package that you want to book or a destination that you have in mind.

Clear your head, fix a budget, and then plan your honeymoon. Look for options that will save you a lot of money which you can further invest in getting a new experience. For example, instead of a luxury hotel, book a romantic resort and spend that money on any of the activity that interest you and your better half.

On the whole, keep an average daily spend in your mind, back it up with some extra cash for miscellaneous expenditure, and then book a package that fits under your budget. Hence, below listed are few points that one should consider while calculating an average budget per person:

Flights (Round trip)
Accommodation (Taxes included and on double sharing basis)
Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, and Drinks)
Sightseeing (Any place or experience which is not included in the package)
Local Transfers (Using public transportation for getting around the city)
Miscellaneous (Shopping and so on)

Privacy Over Popularity

Before you start cracking your mind on how to plan a honeymoon, decide on a destination that will offer you experiences based on your interests as well as enough privacy. For example, adventure lovers may want to go to New Zealand whereas watersports enthusiasts would chose Bali or Andaman.

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